Tailored projects for Schools, TAFE, and Universities

Includes all the soldering tools and drone parts needed to build your own drone!

Complete Project from Start to Finish

This course includes video tutorials, drone parts, and all the tools and know-how required. Whether you want to build a racing drone, photography drone, or other custom aerial platforms, each of Buzz Drones’ courses show students exactly how to build and fly a drone from start to finish.


Skills learned:

  • Hands on manufacturing and assembly skills
  • Soldering skills, surface mounting, & electronics
  • Programming skills and flight controller settings
  • Understanding Aircraft and flight characteristics

Racing Drones


Camera Drones


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You can also download a brochure with more info here:

About the course…

Perfect for Beginners          These DIY Drone Kits are tailored for beginners who are looking to get the best start in this hobby. Best of all, you can start with no experience at all!

Easy to Build         Being able to build with minimal skill, these kits work straight out of the box with minimal effort. Developed around the most widespread DIY builds ever, these kits are simple to tune and easy to fly once in the air. You can progress your flying using a simulator also.

A Fun Project         A DIY drone is a fun project that is both rewarding and exciting. Being able to build and then fly a drone is great – you get to be involved in a project that has real world results.

Everything you need is included…

Build the best drone possible using these simple and straight forward kits. Each drone kit includes everything you need to get off of the ground and into the air.

Video Walkthrough

Step by step tutorials covering everything from start to finish. Frame & component assembly, wiring & soldering electronics, software & transmitter setup.

Soldering Gear & Tools

No tools? No problem! Everything you need is included: variable control 60W soldering iron, tin lead core solder, allen key, nut driver, more…

FPV Freerider – Flight Simulator

Fast-track your journey and gain much needed experience with the drone simulator – FPV Freerider. Perform stunts and push your limits before you try the real thing.

Learn interesting science and technology concepts, including engineering skills, electronics, how to solder, how to pilot an aircraft, and much much more!

For more information please email us at admin@buzzdrones.com.au

The courses in detail…

These extensive courses will cover everything you need to build a drone and fly it. Whether it is racing drones or camera drones, there are multiple DIY drone kits available. Build the best racing drone or camera drone possible, using these simple and straight forward kits. Being able to build from start to finish, it is rare to have a technology project that you can see real world results. There is nothing quite like firing up your own hand made drone and watch it ascend into the sky!


Extended STEM Learning

There are certain topics that a drone encompasses, including engineering and control theory. This course can be used as a pathway for science and technology. The benefits of learning these concepts in a ‘hands on’ project are plentiful. For eager students who want to learn about Control Theory or Aircraft Dynamics, there are loads of options to suit all interest levels. Learn how a quadcopter becomes stable, using feedback loops and real time data sensing. You can also gain an understanding how both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft are able to fly.

Economical Costs

There are multiple price points to enter from. The upfront cost of the racing drone project is approximately $500, the Camera Drone is $600. The minimum cost (for the budget build not shown) is approximately $400. The good news is that 4 or more people can work on one project and each kit can be taken down and built up multiple times. All tools and remote controls (transmitters) can be shared between students. This makes tese kits extremely economical in the long run.

If you would like to download a brochure which includes all the information about each drone kit, you can do so below.