Camera Drones

Try Your Hand at Aerial Photography

Drone photography is a great way to expand your creative sphere and take wonderful images from above. The best video drones Australia has to offer are all available below. Choose from a shortlist of drones with stable flight performance and high image quality. Best of all each drone comes with bundled stuff for free.


Each drone comes bundled with everything you need to take flight!

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Do I need a Gimbal?

Most camera drones today will come with a 2 or 3-axis gimbal, and this includes some GoPro drones too. Having a gimbal makes your video footage look smoother and less shaky. This is why the Phantom 3 is such a sort after drone as you get really fantastic footage using the integrated gimbal. If you can’t afford the Phantom 3 Standard, there are some drones that don’t have a gimbal but still take some pretty nice images. Using the inbuilt stability device a drone already has, the Parrot Drone & the Hubsan H501S are great options too.

What image quality can I expect, if I buy a drone under 500 dollars?

If you are looking to buy something like the Phantom 3 – Standard you will find the image quality on par with a GoPro Drone, if not better. If you want to buy a drone under 500 dollars, then your best option is the Parrot Bebop. You will still get clear HD quality images, and even some nice video footage, without a gimbal. Allthough, it is still preferred, if you can, to spend a bit more on the DJI Phantom series.

Can you fly a video drone without much experience?

Many people have gone straight to a camera drone and never looked back. There is no reason why you can’t learn on a Phantom, most of the safety devices built into these drones make flying it much easier than some of the mini drones.

Choosing Your First Camera Drone

It can be difficult to choose your first video drone, as there are a lot of options on the market. The two most important factors when buying are the drone camera (image quality) & ease of use or functionality. Because of these two factors it is hard to suggest any other drone (under $2000) than the DJI Phantom range. If you are videographer then you may consider something like the 3DR Solo, it has a few extras that can help with intricate shots. Having said that, nothing really comes close to the superior image quality, and DJI’s famous usability, of the Phantom and Inspire range drones. There’s a reason DJI’s share of the market is about 80% at present. If you would like to read more about camera drone options please read – Why buy a video drone, and which one should I choose?