DJI Inspire 1 Pro

Take your footage to the next level, get the Inspire 1 Pro and capture wonderful images from above. Included is a professional 4K camera – the Zenmuse X5 plus integrated gimbal system. Get magazine quality shots with ease, using one of the most impressive ready-to-fly aerial platforms to date.

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Product Overview

The Inspire 1 v2.0 PRO features the Zenmuse X5 camera and integrated gimbal system, along with a 15mm f/1.7 lens. The perfect combination for unreal footage, this setup is used in professional productions around the world. Features like the retractable arm system, providing unobstructed 360-degree view, and a top of the line 3-axis gimbal, these all help to keep shots smooth and images crystal clear. One transmitter (radio controller) is included and a second can be added for dual operation.

A complete ready-to-fly system, the Inspire 1 is easy to get going in a flash. Rather than taking forever to setup a custom AP rig, the Inspire 1 takes minutes to setup and start flying. Plus DJIs famous usability with Automated Flight Modes and GoApp make shooting effortless.

Get results and wow your audience using one the most capable camera drones on the market today.


  • Ready-to-fly aerial system with intelligent, automated flight modes
  • Professional 4K camera and 3-axis stabilization gimbal
  • Live 720p wireless HD video transmission via DJI Lightbridge
  • Dedicated remote with flight and camera controls
  • Powerful app to adjust camera settings, edit videos, and more
  • GPS-based stabilization system = Position hold & smooth flight
  • Ultrasonic Vision Positioning system for GPS-free or indoor flight
  • Recording internally to microSDHC/SDXC memory cards


  • Images – 16 M, max resolution: 4608*3456
  • Camera Sensor: 4/3 CMOS sensor
  • Weight: 2935g Empty or 3400g w/ Zenmuse X5 Camera
  • Max Range: 3.5Km
  • Max Flight Time: Approx. 15 min
  • Max Speed: 18 m/s (ATTI mode, no wind)

What’s in the box?


What’s in the bundle?

1) Video Tutorial – Stunning Aerial Photography & Videography

Free with each purchase is Dr. Bruce Geddes’ award winning drone photography course, showing you exactly how to shoot stunning aerial pictures and video. With 41 lectures and over 7 hours of video instruction, this course will allow you to progress your flying skills quickly, and get the best out of your video drone. Learn how to fly, what to shoot, camera tips, plus a whole range of other useful information. Perfect for new photographers, or even the advanced pilot!

Over 5000 students = the most popular drone course to date!

Stunning aerial productions using both a drone and editing techniques:

  • Learn the Basics – Legal, Safety, Planning & Some Core Flying Skills For Producing Aerial Imagery
  • Discover a Unique & Structured Method To Guide Your Filming and Flying For Getting Impactful Footage
  • 25 Design Principles For Creating Captivating Productions
  • 8 Step Editing Workflow for Developing Your Final Product

View the course on udemy

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2) Free eBook – Supplement Material to the Videos

Also included is a supplement resource, the free eBook Better Aerial Photography in One Week. Loaded with lots of useful information, this book goes over all the topics covered in the video tutorials, also in much more depth. Easy to follow and comprehensive in content, these resources are designed to give you everything you need in one place. Topics covered:

  1. Safety, Rules & Regulations
  2. First Flight
  3. Composing Still Images
  4. Recording Aerial Video
  5. Advanced Techniques
  6. Post Processing

3) Your First Post Process – Free


Post processing is such an important step it must not be overlooked. Learn how to get the best from your photos, with a one-on-one introductory lesson in post processing. Bring your own images and one of our editors will go over all the fundamental techniques.

  1. One hour introductory lesson to post processing
  2. Your choice of video or picture tips
  3. Performed online via skype screenshare
  4. Extra material on how to do it yourself

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Aerial photography tutorials


Learn everything you need to take great aerial images! Tutorials on setting up your drone, advanced flying, and composition, are all included in the bundle. Learn More

Free eBook – Getting started

Make sure you have covered everything before lift-off! Learn all the rules and regulations in your area, plus any tips on flying your new video drone. Learn More

Your first post-process (Free)


Learn how to get the best from your photos, with a one-on-one introductory lesson in post-processing. Bring your own images, learn the most important techniques. Learn More

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There’s a reason why DJI have over 70% of the consumer drone market, they just work!

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