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Get everything you need in one complete bundle!

Your drone also includes…

Free eBook – Getting started

Make sure you have covered everything before lift-off! Learn all the rules and regulations in your area, plus any tips on flying your new video drone. Learn More

Aerial photography tutorials


Learn everything you need to take great aerial images! Tutorials on setting up your drone, advanced flying, and composition, are all included in the bundle. Learn More

Your first post-process (Free)


Learn how to get the best from your photos, with a one-on-one introductory lesson in post-processing. Bring your own images, learn the most important techniques. Learn More

The      video drone bundle.

A simple way to becoming a talented drone photographer.

Purchase one of the best video drones available today, and get a whole list of other material for free.

This bundle is designed to get you taking great aerial photos right away!

What’s included in the Bundle? 

Information about what is included in each Bundle is available in the Drone’s Product Overview and Bundle Tabs. Each bundle includes specific content relating to the operation of air vehicles in the corresponding category. For terms and conditions please visit the Bundles Page (a summary of this information is listed below).

Each bundle includes material and information that is for personal use only. All material is free of charge and comes included in the listed price. The content in each Bundle varies and is subject to change without notice. Please contact one of our representatives at time of purchase to confirm what content is included.  All purchases receive manufacture’s warranty, and Buzz Drones satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer satisfaction & support.

  1. 12 months manufacturers warranty.
  2. Ongoing support and guidance.
  3. Buzz Drones satisfaction guarantee.
  4. Free returns for 30 days.
  5. Free content you can use as you wish (personal use only).

This drone is the best in it’s category

This drone comes pre-selected as one of the best options available for video drones and drones for aerial photography. Rest assured you’re getting the highest quality brand name products, when choosing Buzz Drones.

Why buy a DJI video drone?

Vantage points like no other

Having a camera drone allows you to take amazing photos from just about anywhere. Wow your audience with a birds eye view!

The best video quality

Drones made by DJI have the smoothest flight capabilities, with camera quality unmatched by any other rival.

Real easy to use

DJI is famous for it’s ease of use, many people have gone straight to a Phantom or Inspire, and never looked back.

Most popular drones on the market

There’s a reason why DJI have over 70% of the consumer drone market, they just work!

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