Why choose our racing kits?

All kits are ready to fly. Tools, instructions, and components all included. 

Perfect size and difficulty for STEM class projects.

Buy with confidence. All purchases include a 30-day return period.

Beginner Drones

Ready to start your personal journey? Get simple and robust drones that don’t compromise on performance.

Camera Drones

Take magazine quality aerial photography and capture stunning videos from above.

Racing Drones

Take the pilot seat and immerse yourself in FPV racing. These quadcopters are quick!



The Buzz Drone shop includes a shortlist of the best quadcopters and UAVs available in Australia.


Learn everything you need to get flying…

Check out the Buzz Drones blog, a great resource loaded with useful information on flying drones, taking aerial pictures, and more…

How To Fly

It is a good idea to learn the drone laws and drone regulations before you take to the skies. Once you have bought yourself a good drone, the next step is to find a nice open field and take-off. Learn how to pilot beginner drones, advance your flying, and keep up to date with the latest drone news.

What To Buy

If you don’t know where to buy drones, then you’ve come to the right place. We have the latest products available in our drone shop, with a range of quadcopters for any application. If you want to check out top 10 drones for sale in the “Best Drone Reviews – How to Choose Your Perfect Drone”.

Build a Racing Drone

Create a wicked fast FPV quadcopter! If you want to get into racing drones the best way is to build it yourself. The quadcopter frames QAV250 and ZMR250 are both the FPV kits of choice. If you’re looking for a flight controller for your FPV drone kit, the two best options are…