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We make it easy for you to setup and start flying your very own drone frustration free. Choose from only the best drones in our shop, get all the information and guidance you need, plus online support every step of the way.

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Choosing your own drone has never been easier – the Buzz Dornes’ shop includes a list of the best drones available today. We’ve done all the research for you. Simply pick from a shortlist of the highest quality and best valued drones available in a range of categories.

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Our simple but comprehensive approach includes all the gear you need to setup and operate your own drone. Get the guidance and advice you need, every step of the way!

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The best part is all essential material is bundled for free!

Local Service

Some drone sites provide you with the means but not the ends. If you’re lucky to find a local shop, you may have the option to buy a drone but you won’t get much more help than that. Here at Buzz Drones we give you the option to purchase the best drone for the job (each model is pre-selected by us), plus you get all the extra material you need to get up in the air and stay there!

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Technical Knowledge & Experience

Our team provides you with comprehensive service that covers all areas of drone expertise.

Fast Delivery

Buy from a local retailer and get your package sent directly, with minimal fuss.

Local Service

Nothing is better than speaking to a local. Get 1-on-1 customer support when you need it.

Safe & Secure

Each purchase is fully insured, with the latest up to date SSL certificates, backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.