If you are just starting out then buying an inexpensive mini drone is a fantastic idea, no matter what path you choose. Racing drones, video drones, or otherwise; if you’re looking to buy a drone it is always suggested that you start with a small drone and learn the basics first.

If you buy a drone for beginners, you will still have plenty of fun in the beginning, but most importantly you will progress your flying skills quickly!

Why start with a mini drone?

Mini drones, toy drones, nano drones, whatever you want to call them, these are the best drones for beginners. Any cheap drone that is lightweight is perfect to learn on. The main reason is because this makes them incredibly crash resilient. Crashing a small drone is very forgiving as it has little momentum. This is great because in the beginning you will crash a lot, and this doesn’t matter as much when flying a lightweight toy drone.

There are other reasons why small drones are great too:

Quick to setup and start flying right away


Easy to fly and stable to hover

If you need a recommendation for one of the best cheap drones to buy, then it’s hard to go pass the following option….

Our top pick!

Blade Nano QX

The Verdict:

The best mini drone for beginners.

Best Performance for your Money

Easy to Control – Maximize Fun

Virtually Crash Proof

What you get in this neat little kit is a durable, intuitive mini quadcopter, that is easier to care for, and gets you off the ground in a matter of minutes. The reason why we selected the Blade Nano QX as the best beginner drone is not just because of its simplicity to set-up, but because it has great performance that you wont outgrow.

"The Blade Nano QX is the best beginner drone you can buy"

The Blade Nano comes complete with everything you need to get started, including simple controls and quick setup. There is no wonder this drone is the best mini drone on the market (with thee hundred 4.5 star reviews on amazon alone). If you are a beginner interested in both ease of use and peak performance, all you need a nice open field and a Blade Nano QX. This is the best cheap drone for sale in Australia right now.

The second best drone for beginners…

Hubsan X4

Wonderful flight characteristics and enough power to keep you happy, the Hubsan X4 is a lot of fun. This drone has such good flight characteristics, once you master the Hubsan you will feel quite capable flying anything else. The Hubsan X4 is lightweight and incredibly powerful for it’s size. Easy to switch between normal and expert mode, you can practice some nice beginner drills at the start, then progress to flips and other acrobatics later on.

To summarize, the Husban X4 is:

  • Forgiving when you crash
  • Stable enough to hover on your first flight
  • Comes with extra propellers & batteries

If you’re looking to get into FPV…

FPV or First Person View flying puts you upfront in the pilot seat, right in the action with real time display of your drone’s flight path. If this sounds like fun then jump right in – the best FPV drone for beginners is the all inclusive:

WL Toys V666

The best beginner racing drone

The Verdict:

Easily immerse yourself in drone racing
Ready to fly Straight out the Box

Big Monitor for Live View

Foam Crash Pads For Safety

Robust enough to survive the harshest of crashes, the V666 is a great entry level drone for racing. When compared to other similar quadcopters, it is safe to say that this is the best drone under $200 for FPV racing. The V666 is ready to fly so you can get flying right away (unlike a lot of other FPV quads than need to be assembled). It includes a transmitter with a LCD screen and transmitter already connected.

A little larger than the other mini drones, the V666 allows you to get a feel for immersion (FPV) at a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. Rather than spending a lot of money on a typical 250 racing quad, the V666 is the next best thing. Flying with a view from the cockpit is such a rewarding experience we suggest anyone interested to try it out!

A notable mention…

Syma X5C

It’s not the best drone for beginners, being a bit slower than the other small drones mentioned, but the Syma X5C is still a good option. If you looking at buying drones for kids or you need something slow and steady to start off, the Syma X5C is a neat little package. The reason why we have mentioned the Syma is because it still one of the best mini drone for beginners – it’s one of the most crash resilient drones made.

The Syma X5C is still a good choice, great for those less dextrous than others.

Most drones for kids or mini drones for adults are cheap. This makes them a great option, as you aren’t risking a whole lot of money upfront. One of the top cheap drones for beginners, the Syma X5C, has a typical price that should be well your budget. If you can stretch your budget a little more, it is better to get one of the other drones for sale, like the Hubsan X4 or the Blade Nano QX. You will get a bit more life out of one of these drones, as they have higher performance.

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How to choose?

The main reason why you should choose the Blade Nano QX or the Hubsan X4 over the Syma X5C is because of their superior performance. This extra speed will give you subsequent longevity in your flying, as you won’t outgrow the drone for a very long time.


If you are budget conscious, all of these mini drones will suit you well. Each of these drones are inexpensive and great value for money. The Hubsan and Syma are about $80 each, the Blade Nano is a little over $100, the V666 a touch under $200. (Prices in $AUD)

Ease of use vs. Performance

Stability for all of these drones is about the same, with the Syma just edging out the lead. Having said that, the performance mode of the Blade Nano and Hubsan are miles ahead. Some small drones with cameras are okay for a bit of fun, but if you want to get into FPV then we suggest you buy the WL Toys V666. Flying at low altitude with an FPV camera is a real buzz!

Final Word

If you want to buy a toy drone then you can’t go wrong with either of the options above. Each of these mini drones is a great introduction to the wonderful world of flight. If you need further guidance feel free to check out some of Buzz Drones other articles, where you can find loads of useful information and tips.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the sky soon!

Author: Joshua Carr

Intrigued in flight from a young age, Joshua completed a BE in Aerospace Engineering from Adelaide Uni & now spends his time between designing aircraft for local start-ups and as a private drone operator for Buzz Drones.

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