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Too long we can spend as a spectator while someone else is in the pilot seat. Don’t let your ego write checks your body can’t cash! If you are looking to buy your first drone and like the idea of aerial photography or FPV racing then this article is for you!

For anyone interested in flying a drone, the following article is a definitive guide to the best drones for sale  

There are so many drones for sale on the market today, it makes it quite tough to decide which one to buy. To make things easier for you, the following article is a concise review of the top performing drones in their category. Ready to fly straight out of the box, each drone comes with a range of features designed specifically for:

The Absolute Beginner

Professional Video on a Budget

First Person View – Racing Drones

Find the best fit for your fun, whichever journey you take….

The Absolute Beginner

‘I want to buy a drone’ – Some guy

The hobby of remote control aircraft has been revolutionized. What used to be an expensive and mostly private club of model flyers has now expanded in reach to include beginners who don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to join the fun. If you are looking to buy your first drone then it really is simple. We urge anyone who wants to fly a drone just to go out there and have a go. It could be the best fun you’ve had in ages! Are you ready to take flight but need a recommendation? 

The best drone for beginners is…

The Blade Nano QX

Fly within minutes, conquer within the hour!

The Verdict:

Tough, stable, and nice performance

Best Performance for your Money

Easy to Control – Maximize Fun

Virtually Crash Proof

Minutes Flight Time
Meters Flight Range
Grams in Weight

The Blade Nano QX is the best drone to get you started flying, help you have fun and survive the worst crashes. At the perfect price point that offers best value for money, this drone is affordable yet doesn’t compromise performance or design. It is also lightweight, durable, and stands up to beginner abuse. This drone will guarantee you fast reliable fun.

Operate easily

Set up in minutes

Keep in the air 4 maximim fun!

What makes this drone truly great is that it is easy to set up and start flying. You can really get this drone in the air instantly. Also it is a very capable drone that you wont outgrow for a long time. We reviewed a lot of drones before we found the best one that had all these features. Other drones in contention for the best beginner drone were the Hubsan X4 and the Syma X5C. We rate these drones highly, however, because of it’s performance and ease of use:

"The Blade Nano QX is the best beginner drone you can buy right now"

It is an affordable, durable, high performance drone – even when compared with drones twice the price. The Blade Nano drone kit comes complete with everything you need to get started. The intuitive control system has dispensed with the need for extensive manuals and confusing set ups. All you need to do to get started is pop in the batteries and you are fit to fly. 

Built to Last

The Nano was built with durability in mind. Designed with propeller guards and rubber shock pads, the robust frame makes it perfect for beginners – and essentially crash proof! The kit comes with spare parts that you can swap out for damaged ones when needed, versatile enough that you can make minor repairs too.

Learn How to Fly Quickly

Starting out you can fly the Nano without any experience, due to the SAFE innovative flight control software. This feature will keep the drone hovering stable, a nice feature that helps you practice. Once you have a handle on the basics, the sporty flight characteristics of agility mode allow you to build up your skills quickly.

Want to Buy a Mini Drone?

Buy the Best Drones for Beginners

You can buy the Blade Nano and other cheap drones in the Buzz Drone’s shop! It’s a shameless plug but hey, our main goal at Buzz Drones is to make flying drones accessible to all.

The best drones for sale…

Next up…

Professional Video Drones on a Budget

Want a flying camera that can take incredible aerial footage, the kind of pictures you can hang on the wall? When getting the shot matters, you need a reliable drone with a superior camera that is capable of capturing spot-on footage. This next drone is the biggest investment on this list, however it is definitely worth it. Even if you’ve had little flying experience, this drone is so easy to operate it will have you taking off and snapping incredible shots in no time.

DJI Phantom 3 – Standard

Fast results, minimal effort

The Verdict:

Best video drone for your money

Video Footage Accepted by Professionals

Unbeatable DJI Price Points

Rock Solid 3-Axis Gibal – Even in Wind

Hands down, the Phantom 3 Standard it is the best bang for buck camera drone available on the Australian market today. If you want to shoot incredible footage with minimal effort, then you need the Phantom. It has a rock solid 3-axis camera gimbal, smooth flight modes, and a simple setup that allows even amateur users to compete with professional photographers.

There’s a reason why DJI now makes up over 75% of the worldwide drone market.

Because of this market dominance, economies of scale allow DJI to sell their drones for less. All the other companies cannot compete on price. This means there is no camera drone that has all the features the Phantom 3 has, for the same price. 

Easy to fly & intuitive setup

Incredibly smooth flight

Smart flight modes

Footage Recognised by Professionals

The Phantom 3 Standard is a fantastic tool that can take some really great footage. All you need is a good eye for photography and some creative flair. In actual fact, one of the most famous drone pilots to grace the sky – Dirk Dallas from Where I Drone – used a Phantom 3 in some of his most recent shots. Thanks to the distortion-free, 94-degree wide angle f/2.8 lens, these pictures can easily compete with big names in industry.

The Best Drone Camera under $1000

Rather than hanging the whole camera off the gimbal, like a GoPro drone, the DJI Phantom series has an integrated gimbal-camera system. What this means is that part of the camera is actually in the drone itself. This saving of weight allows a larger sensor and lens to be used, which increases image quality dramatically. This makes the Phantom 3 Standard easily the best drone camera you can find under $1000.

Simple & Powerful Software

With DJI’s Go App, live video feed can be streamed direct to your Android/Apple smartphone. The App also lets you manually change shutter speed, exposure compensation and ISO. You will find burst shooting, exposure bracketing and time-lapse photography are all part of the simple touch features. Interested in multi-angle shots?

Waypoint Navigation lets you set up a multipoint path the drone follows. The drone controls the path while you control the camera. Also, Point of Interest flight planning allows you to automatically lock onto an object and autonomously fly around it while snapping shots.

Follow Me is another great feature which allows the drone to track your movement and plot a path to follow you. For added safety, the built in Fly Home feature is controlled on command or signal loss. That means if you lose sight of your drone, it hasn’t lost sight of you! If your drone goes out of range or you lose your signal, it will return to where you were last!

Minutes Flight Time

Meters Flight Range

Megaixels & 2.7k HD Camera

Buying a Quality Camera Drone…

The Phantom’s ease of use, while still having a professional level of video capture, will allow you to compose fantastic aerial footage. Not only are your photos going to look crystal clear because of Sony’s 4K camera, but DJI’s stable flight modes will ensure rock steady composition each and every time.

DJI also offers so many free features, such as the flight training simulator and video editing software. Overall the DJI Phantom 3 package gives amateur photographers the perfect opportunity to fast track their aerial photography skills.

In Fact, the DJI Phantom 3 Standard is:

So easy to operate, even your niece or nephew can fly it straight out of the box…

Buy the Best Video Drone on the Market Today

In keeping with Buzz Drones promise to give you the best of the best; we offer the DJI Phantom 3 for sale in our shop. The drones that we stock are tried and tested.

Shop with Buzzdrones! Each video drone bundle includes…

The Best Drone $ Can Buy

No guesswork required – each bundle includes the best performing drone in it’s class.

Free Video Tutorials

Buzz Drone Bundles include free tutorials – from purchase all the way through to composing your first shot!

Online Support

Buzz Drones offers free online chat and help desk services for all customers – real time guidance when you need it.

Racing Drones & FPV

FPV or First Person View puts you in the pilot seat, right in the action with real time display of your drone’s flight path. One of the most exhilarating things to happen in the UAV industry, FPV allows you to immerse yourself in over sixty km/hr flight. Take a front seat to the action while it happens – as if you were flying on the drone yourself. Experience flips, sharp turns and wicked runs that would make the Wright Brothers green with envy.


Are you ready to fly even faster through trees, whiz past objects and immerse yourself in FPV action?

FPV Racing is Not for the Faint-hearted...

The Best FPV Drone for Beginners

So you’re interested in taking the controls and sitting up front in the hot seat!? If you’re an action junkie, an early adopter, or the type that likes hands-on experiences then there is nothing more exciting than to fly FPV. If you want to jump right in and get your hands dirty then the best racing drone for beginners is the all inclusive:

WL Toys V666

The Verdict:

The best fun you can have with your pants on

Ready to Fly Straight out of the Box

Big Monitor for Live View

Foam Crash Pads for Safety

Flying from a drone’s point of view is incredible. You get a chance to experience the effects of real time flight as it happens. Interested in having this experience? We recommend the ready to fly WlToys V666. It comes complete with a 2.4GHz transmitter and a 720p 30FPS camera screen built into the controller. This kit gets you up and running within minutes.

A Fantastic Ready to Fly Racer

The V666 is a fantastic way to get started in FPV or racing. It is robust, responsive, and will give you many hours of fast-paced action. The V666 was built for flying fast and low. That means it was designed from the inside out to be both durable and extremely robust.

High performance

Robust PE & foam composition

FPV monitor included

The V666 was built with reliability and the ability for beginners to survive crashes in mind. To ensure it stays flight worthy, the V666 has heavily protected foam rotor guards build in. Also, the monitor comes with a protective hood, which means you can fly in any light. Best of all the old school analogue picture is responsive and won’t drop out on you.

Axis Gyro

GHz Transmitter

Modes of Control

Strong Capabilities

With the V666 you get automatic landing and takeoff. This means amateur pilots get a little extra support when first trying FPV. The V666 also has an altitude sensor for extra stability. The altitude sensor helps maintain drone height through turns and flips, allowing smooth flight. Trick mode is another nice feature, just push a button to enable easy stunts, flips and rolls. The V666 also comes with a 5.8GHz antenna, making it a nice transmitter that you wont have to upgrade for a while.

Buy the Best Racing Drone for Beginners

Here at Buzz Drones, we deliver accessible buying information to drone enthusiasts, along with direct access to purchase key products. To give you the easiest way to start flying – we offer the V666 for sale in our shop.

Shop with Buzz Drones! Each racing drone bundle includes…

Guidance & Gear Walkthrough

Get all the information and guidance you need. This includes tutorials on how to set-up and fly your drone.

Flight Simulator – Free

Hone your skills and practice at speed first – using your own remote!

Clubs & Community

Information on where to fly, local club racing days in your area, and online communities to join.


Well there you have it. If you are looking to get the best start in racing or video drones then you can’t go wrong with either one of the models mentioned above. There are other options for people who want to spend a bit more money, or would like a better video camera on their drone. The DJI Phantom 4 is another great choice for camera drones, if you want to take a look at this and other options then check out the best video drone options here. If you are looking to get into racing drones a full sized 250 racing quadcopter is another great pick. Also, don’t forget to check out the Buzz Drones blog which offers further in depth advice on which type of drone is right for you! Take care and I hope to see you in the skies soon!

Author: Joshua Carr

Intrigued in flight from a young age, Joshua completed a BE in Aerospace Engineering from Adelaide Uni & now spends his time between designing aircraft for local start-ups and as a private drone operator for Buzz Drones.

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