How do the bundles work?

Each drone purchased from the Buzz Drones’ shop comes in a tailored bundle, including all the extra material you need to get started. You will receive a high quality brand name drone, plus all the extra hardware and technical know-how you need to take-off.

Step 1

Choose a drone

Select your preferred drone from our shop based on the type of flying you want to do.

Step 2

Get bundled material for free

Depending on which drone you select, your bundle can include spare parts, guided walkthroughs, video tutorials, plus other material – free!

Step 3

Let us do the rest

One of our friendly support staff will arrange everything else and continue to help you along the way. Any questions, just ask!

Get these bundled extras for free!

Video Walkthrough

Your flying and aerial photography skills will progress quickly – using the free video tutorials that come with each drone.

Spare Parts & Extras Included

Some drones need more parts to keep you in the air for longer – these extras are included.

Post-Processing Tutorials

Learn how to create wonderful images and video, with post-processing that works.

Learn How to Fly

Get all the guidance and information you need, including articles, eBooks, and other material for free.

The advantages of having everything in one complete kit…

1) Make sure you’re covered before take-off

2) Progress your skills quickly

3) Fun made easy!

Get your drone bundled with free stuff today!

What’s included in each Bundle?

No matter which drone you choose, you will receive all the material you need to get started. If you would like to know what is included in each bundle, please see a detailed description of each bundle below.

Your bundle will include…

1) The best mini done, chosen by you

In the Beginner Bundle you can choose your own drone. Select from a handful of the most resilient and easy to fly drones, with the peace of mind in knowing each high quality option has been carefully hand-picked, by Buzz Drones. You’ve probably heard about the Buzz Drones shop, which sells only the best drones on the market. If you are thinking of buying a drone, the Buzz Drones Beginner Bundle is a great choice.

2) Video tutorials to get you started

Learn everything you need to take your maiden flight. We include video tutorials that will help you set up your drone and get in the air fast. This makes it easy to progress your skills quickly, and ultimately allows you to have more fun!

  1. Quick Setup and Unboxing
  2. Golden Rules
  3. Drone Safety & Regulations
  4. First Flight
  5. Progressing Your Flying Skills

3) Essential spare parts as an added extra

Many mini drones don’t include enough spare parts, which means you can have a grounded aircraft very quickly. We ensure you fly longer with plenty of extra spare parts included – designed to keep you in the air.

  1. Spare Props
  2. Extra Batteries
  3. Better Charging Capabilities (i.e. Parallel Charging Cables)
  4. Other extras needed, so you get the best start

Your bundle will include…

1) Video Tutorial – Stunning Aerial Photography & Videography

Dr. Bruce Geddes’ award winning drone photography course comes free with every purchase. This amazing tutorial shows you exactly how to shoot stunning aerial pictures and video. With 41 lectures and over 7 hours of video instruction, this course will allow you to progress your flying skills quickly, and get the best out of your video drone. Learn how to fly, what to shoot, camera tips, and a wealth of other useful information. Perfect for new photographers, or even the advanced pilot!

Over 5000 students make this course the most popular drone course to date!

Stunning aerial productions using both drone and editing techniques:

  • Learn the Basics – Legal, Safety, Planning & Some Core Flying Skills for Producing Aerial Imagery
  • Discover a Unique & Structured Method to Get Impactful Footage
  • 25 Design Principles for Creating Captivating Productions
  • 8 Step Editing Workflow for Developing Your Final Product

View the course on udemy

Purchase course separately (Get 85% off with Buzz Drones)

2) Free eBook – Supplement material to the videos

Also included is a supplement resource, the free eBook Better Aerial Photography in One Week. Loaded with lots of useful information, this book goes over all the topics covered in the video tutorials, also in much more depth. Easy to follow and comprehensive in content, these resources are designed to give you everything you need in one place. Topics covered:

  1. Safety, Rules & Regulations
  2. First Flight
  3. Composing Still Images
  4. Recording Aerial Video
  5. Advanced Techniques
  6. Post Processing

3) Your first post process – Free

icon-free-post-processing Post processing is such an important step it must not be overlooked. Learn how to get the best from your photos, with a one-on-one introductory lesson in post processing. Bring your own images and one of our editors will go over all the fundamental techniques.

  1. One hour introductory lesson to post processing
  2. Your choice of video or picture tips
  3. Performed online via Skype
  4. Extra material demonstraites how to do it yourself

Your bundle will include…

1) Video Walkthrough – FREE

Gain exclusive access to step by step video instructions, showing you how to put together your very own racing drone from start to finish. All the instructions are included:

  1. Frame Assembly
  2. Motors and ESCs
  3. Wiring and/or soldering electronics
  4. Software & transmitter setup
  5. Tuning your drone
  6. How to fly FPV


2) FPV Freerider – Simulator

The best way to learn racing and FPV is on a simulator. With this capable software you can take to the skies and learn how to fly your drone without the risk of crashing it. Use your own transmitter and get a feel for the real thing.

Terms & Conditions

Each bundle includes specific content relating to the operation of each air vehicle and their corresponding intended use or category. If you would like to read more about these terms and conditions please visit our Ts & Cs page here.

Or download the bundle terms and conditions overview (click here).