Racing Drone Kit (Custom)


If you want the flexibility to select the best components available, and put together your very own racing – start here! Choose from only the best parts (cherry-picked by Buzz Drones) and build the best racing drone money can buy!

Choose the best components

Include FPV video gear

Everything else you need is bundled!

What’s in the Bundle?

Select what parts you need, the tools you’re missing, your chosen FPV gear, and combine them together to create the best racing drone ever! Best of all, we show you how to do everything – each step of the way!

Get these for free…

Complete Video Walkthrough $Free
Lifetime Buzz Drones Support $Free

For more information about this bundle check out the product description below.

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If you would like help with your build Ask Here.

Everything You Need in one Complete Bundle

This build provides pilots a simple and effective way to get into the world of Racing Drones & FPV. Pick from a selection of high quality components and create the best value racing drone money can buy.

What's Included in the Bundle?

Video Walkthrough – FREE

This Bundle includes step by step tutorials covering everything from start to finish. Kit assembly, wiring & soldering electronics, software & transmitter setup, more…

Drone Simulator – FREE

Fast-track your journey and gain much needed experience with the drone simulator – FPV Freerider. Perform stunts and push your limits before you try the real thing.

Ongoing Customer Support

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up and flying your drone, you can ask us directly using online customer support. We are with you each step of the way!

Product Overview

This bundle includes all the gear you need to put together your very own racing drone, plus the instructions to do so. Easy to put together and a cinch to fix, if you’re looking to get into drone racing this is the perfect starter kit. Even if you know nothing about soldering this Bundle provides the means for you to put together and fly your very first racing drone.

Why Choose This FPV Kit?

This build is developed around the most popular platform ever (Naze32 & Baseflight), which includes a reliable flight controller that is easy to tune. Also, each component has the highest quality and best value money can buy.

  • DYS 2300kV Brushless Motors   Best in their class
  • 20AMP Afro Race Spec. ECSs   Compatable with 4S Batteries
  • FrSky D4R-II or FrSky DJT Module   Zero drop outs
  • The ZMR250 carbon fibre frame   Survives even the harshest of crashes

Note: if this is your first drone you may want to start out with the Newbie Racing Drone Kit which comes with all the bits pre-selected for beginners. Otherwise, if you would like more flexibility in choosing what comes in your package, you can customize your racing drone kit above!

Three Reasons to Customize

1. You do the choosing

If you feel like you need a few extra pieces of something, or a few less of something else, you can choose!

2. Select your tools

There are a lot of tools included in the Beginner Racing Drone Kit. If you have some of these then there’s no need to include them in your bundle.

3. Upgrade your video

A great option for newbie pilots is to pick a nicer viewing platform. Purchasing a good set of FPV Goggles or a glare free LCD screen!

Get the Full Buzz Drones Experience

When customizing your kit don’t worry, you still get all of the Buzz Drones free bundled services:

Video Tutorials

Soldering Tips & Tricks

FPV Simulator for Free

Plus the flexibility to choose your own hardware!

There are a lot of parts to a racing drone and quite a few options to choose from.

And sometimes we find that pilots want to select their own gear.

If you already have some of the products provided in the Buzz Drones Racing Drone Bundle (like the soldering iron) that you want to leave out of your package, or you would like to upgrade your transmitter and video displays, you can mix and match your own components using the custom fields above.

Simply select the parts you want and proceed with your order as usual – we can cater a package towards anyone!

If you would like to fast-track your experience then you can also make use of the simulator FPV Freerider. Best of all it comes included for free!

What's in the box?

Get all the bits and pieces you need to build your own drone. As part of the customized DIY Racing Drone bundle, you can select all the parts yourself. Choose the rest of your gear depending on what you want!

The parts of your drone can include:

Drone Kit:

  • Carbon Fiber 250 Frame (1)
  • Flight Controller – Naze 32 (1)
  • Brushless Motors (4)
  • Gemfan 5030 Props (12)
  • Electronic Speed Controllers – Afro Race Spec Mini 20 Amp (4)
  • Telemetry – FrySky D4r-II (if choosing Taranis X9D) or FrSky DJT module (if choosing Turnigy 9XR) 
  • Battery Strap (1)
  • Silicon Wire for Cables (black & red, various guages)
  • Nuts, Screws and Standoffs (Plastic and Steel)

FPV Video & Electronics:

  • FPV Camera – Sony PZ0204
  • Skyzone TS5823 5.8 GHz 32CH Transmitter
  • Eachine RC832 Boscam FPV 5.8G 48CH 


  • Spare Parts – 1 x Motor, 1 x ESC, 1 x Frame Arm, 6 Pairs Gemfan 5030 Props
  • Flame Retardant Battery Bag
  • Simple On-screen Display
  • Battery Alarm


  • 60w Variable Soldering Iron
  • M3 & M5 Hex Drives  
  • 1mm & 1.5mm Allan Key          
  •  Servo Tester


  • Turnigy 1300mAh 60C
  • Turnigy 1500mAh 60C
  • Turnigy 1800mAh 60C

Charging Station

  • Turnigy Accucell-6 50W 6A Charger
  • 120W Power Supply (12V DC)

LCD Screen

Eachine 5802D or Fieldview 777

FPV Goggles

Eachine EV800 or Fatshark (Predator, Dominator, or Attitude)


Turnigy 9XR or Taranis X9D

Other parts included where applicable…

  • Heat Shrink
  • JST Connectors
  • XT60 Battery Connector
  • Double Sided Velcro

What's in the bundle?

1) Video Walkthrough – FREE

Gain exclusive access to step by step video instructions, showing you how to put together your very own drone from start to finish. All the instructions are included:

  1. Frame Assembly
  2. Motors and ESCs
  3. Wiring and/or soldering electronics
  4. Software & transmitter setup
  5. Tuning your drone
  6. How to fly FPV


2) FPV Freerider – Simulator

The best way to learn racing and FPV is on a simulator. Take to the skies and learn how to fly your drone, without the risk of crashing it, using this capable software. Use your own transmitter and get a feel for the real thing.

Product FAQs

Video Option

LCD or Goggles?

Eachine 5802D   Eachine EV800

It is recommended that if this is your first drone then you should start with an LCD screen as your FPV viewing platform. This way you can fly normally by line of sight then switch to FPV using the screen. If you want to upgrade to Goggles later on you will need an LCD screen as a backup anyway.

Transmitter Option

Turnigy 9X
  Taranis X9D

These two options are the best transmitters in their price range. If you can stretch your budget it is suggested that you choose the Taranis X9D. It really is worth saving for, many people wish they did after going with cheaper transmitter options. If you are on a budget the Turnigy 9X is a great alternative that has good range, a rock solid connection (no drop outs), and a simple user interface. Though it goes without saying, the Taranis is far supirior in every way.

Why have we picked these models?

These two options from Eachine are the best beginner viewing platforms for both LCD and FPV goggles, based on performance for money and reliability.

What if I want something else (customise my kit further)?

If you want to select your own Transmitter and Video Option, or choose your own parts – go to our custom Racing Drone Bundle (DIY) page here.

Do I need a Spares Kit?

You will crash lots in the beginning so if you haven’t any spares from other builds, or bought your own from somewhere else, you should get a spares pack. This pack includes just enough to keep you going – for at least a while!


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Why Build a Racing Drone Yourself?

Best Performance For Your Money

Building a Racing Drone yourself allows you to mix and match the highest quality components, and get the best performance for your money.

Understand Your Aircraft

Building a drone from the ground up gives you a better understanding of how it works. It also gives you a great sense of pride to know that you built it yourself!

Fix it When You Crash!

The advantages of knowing how your drone fits together make it much easier to fix it when you crash. This means less time for maintenance and more time in the air!

Further Upgrades & Expansion

Give your drone more power & more options. A DIY build is fully flexible for upgrades later on. This allows you to keep the same drone for many years to come – even for life!