Racing Drones

Try Your Hand at FPV Drone Racing

Want to buzz the ground and take corners at blazing speed like no other? The best racing drones Australia has to offer are all available below. Choose from a selection of the high performance racing drones, like the ImmersionRC Vortex Pro or the Walkera Runner 250 (RTF). If you are after a FPV drone kit then you cant go past the Lumenier QAV 250 or even the equally viable option (and easy to put together), the ZMR250.

Each drone comes bundled with everything you need to take flight!

Video tutorials, setup walkthroughs, and more…

To Build or to Buy RTF?

FPV racing can be done with a racing quad that is already built, and all you have to do is charge it and go, or you can put it together yourself. Ready to fly (RTF) options are good if you want to get flying right away, however, a DIY racing drone kit is usually a much better option in the long run. By building a drone you can learn how to fix it yourself when you crash!

Choosing Your First Racing Drone

In order to get the best start to drone racing it is important to buy a FPV quadcopter which has a rock-solid frame that can take brutal treatment. Also it helps to have all your components high quality and long lasting. If you want to learn what the best racing drone is, the drones which are good value also, then check out the comprehensive article – Buying Your First Racing Drone? – Start Here.